Easily Build Games for your Students!

Now you have an easy and economical way to create games to engage your students. Just open the Game Builder in your browser, select your activity, enter your questions, and share with your students.


Games are a great way to engage students and create more effective learning.


Building games is easy. Create online and then share with your students.


It's only $8 a month.
Cancel anytime.

How It Works

No software to install and no programming needed. You just need a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.



Engage Students in the Classroom

Great for presentations, study helps, test reviews, group projects and more. Display on your projector, classroom computers, iPads and other devices.


Engage Students at Home

Excite your students with effective learning activities at home. Let them interact with your lessons in their own environment at their own pace.

Example Games

Check out some sample games below.


It's only $8 a month per teacher. Build as many games as you'd like and share with as many students as you'd like. Subscribers get unlimited access to all games, all updates, and all features. Cancel anytime.


Judi C.

Seattle, WA

Hi guys - First of all, I LOVE your site. Your products are so awesome and they make me look like a superstar here in Seattle. So thank you so much for that.

Cindy L.

Salt Lake City, UT

We love what we have gotten so far with our membership to eLearning Brothers builder.

Wes L.

Boise, ID

Let me first begin by saying that I love the resources offered by eLearning Brothers ... quality and pricing are EXCELLENT!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a download limit each month?
No. Create and download as many games as you’d like to.

Is there any special programming that I need to know?
No. Just build your interaction on the website.

Once I create and download/share a game is it still “connected” to your tool?
Downloaded files are not connected to the Builder. Games that are shared via a link will only be active if you have an active subscription.

Do I have to pay more to get new games?
No. All new games that we add are available to current users.

Can I use these games in courses/training that I sell?

Is there a trial version that I can use?
Yes you can signup for a free trial. Once logged in you'll see a category in the Game Builder called "free". You have full access to use and download those files. You can also use all of the other categories for free however they will have a watermark. Note: The sharing feature will not work for free users.

What are the support options that you offer?
You can email us anytime for assistance or check out our tutorial videos.

Can I save my games and edit them later?
Yes. Once you log-in you’ll save a “My Saved Files” tab and then will allow you to edit, copy, and download previously created interactions.

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Subscription / Cost

How much does this cost?
$8 per month / per teacher.

Can you send an invoice or use a PO to make this purchase?
Yes. Contact us to get an invoice.

Do I need to pay based on how many students I have?
No. You can distribute your games to as many students as you’d like. You pay per teacher / designer that is building interactions.


Subscription Cancellation / Termination

For full details refer to our Terms.

Will my past games still work if I cancel my subscription?
Yes if they are downloaded. Once game is downloaded it is completely independent of our tool. It will still work. (However, you will not be able to edit the saved version unless you are a current member.) If you are sharing games via a URL / link, then they will no longer be active.

What happens to my saved files if I cancel my subscription?
We will store the data for at least 3 months. If you re-subscribe then you will have access to all previously saved files. We don’t guarantee that data in cancelled accounts will remain for more than 3 months.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes. You may cancel at the end of any subscription cycle. Please note that we cannot prorate.

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Will these work on mobile devices?
We have been creating HTML 5 versions of our games. There is a icon on each file thumbnail that indicates whether the HTML 5 version is live.

Do I need to install anything on my computer to use the Interaction Builder?
No. Just log into the website to create your interactions. No software to install.

What are the system requirements to use your interaction builder?
Just an internet connection and web-browser (with the Flash plugin. Over 99% of browsers have this.). We are not a software…just a website.

Will this work on my Mac?
Yes. You just need a web-browser, for example Safari.

What audio formats are supported for upload into interactions?
MP3 is the format that is currently supported.

What image formats are supported for upload into interactions?
.jpg, .gif. png.

Why do the images in the preview window look “fuzzy”?
The preview window optimizes your images so that it will load more quickly. The images in your downloaded file will look like the original image you uploaded.

Can I upload video into the games?
At this time no.

Are these files AICC and/or Scorm compliant?
Our interactions and games can be embedded into any eLearning software and Learning Management System. HTML 5 format will pass a SCORM completion status and score. You will need to contact us for the SCORM wrapper files.


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