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Interactions & Games!


Build interactions and games to use in your next online project. The Interaction Builder is an online software that lets you choose from a library of interactions and games. You then input your information and download or share the finished interaction.

How is Interaction Builder different from the eLearning Template Library?

eLearning Brothers also offers an eLearning Template Library that has 1000's of assets that designers can use to build online courses. Some of the games and interactions available in the Interaction Builder are also available as flash/HTML 5 templates in the Template Library. Files in the Template Library come with the source code.

The Interaction Builder is for users that don’t have the Flash/HTML 5 editing software and want to build simple games and interactions. If you want to have the source files (.fla) and to be able to customize and change everything, then you should look at our eLearning Template Library.

Since the Template Library contains much more than just interactions/games, many users decide to use both the Library and the Interaction Builder. Both products help you build awesome online courses.